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The country just finished celebrating America’s 239th birthday.  It is a reminder of the blessings and rewards of American life. We live in a society that offers us options towards “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Those many options are empowering; people can choose their paths.

For some people, U.S. citizenship is conferred at birth. For others, it is their option as they apply for naturalization.  When people naturalize, they gain additional rights to those that they received as permanent residents.  The first commonly known right is the right to vote.  Some would argue that the right to vote is also a responsibility of every U.S. citizen.  Their argument being each citizen must express their choice of representatives in order for America to be a true democracy.

The other rights that U.S. citizens have are:

1) They can hold public office.

2) They have unlimited employment opportunities as they, unlike permanent residents, can be employed in federal government jobs.

3) They can confer immigration benefits upon their family members more easily and more quickly than permanent residents.

4) They are eligible for public benefits that permanent residents or non-citizens cannot obtain.

5) They are free from deportation.

If you are considering naturalization, you should consult an attorney about your specific case.  Additionally, you should seek the advice of a tax professional so that you have full understanding of your obligations under the U.S. Tax Code.


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